Community Councils are responsible for  local matters including: litter bins, traffic calming, local youth projects, street lighting and cleaning, dog fouling, bus shelters, allotments, footpaths and bridleways and tourism activities. Community councillors are elected for a period of four years and are there to represent the people living in their local area.  We meet once every month in the village hall. All our meetings are open to the public. None of the Llanwrda Community councillors get paid.

Chairman’s End of year report 2014.

As ever, 2013/2014 has seen Llanwrda Community Council continue to play an active part in community life.

The Community Council has continued to monitor developments regarding the future of Llanwrda Primary School and remains committed to campaigning to keep it open. We also have representatives on the Cornwallis committee and hope that further progress will be made this year on it’s protection and refurbishment.

Our new bilingual Community website, funded by a £500 grant, will shortly be going live, we aim to keep it regularily updated with plenty of contributions. It will also be the online resource for information about the Community Council with contact details and agendas and minutes.

We are on track to receive our defibrillator in the coming weeks which will be sited outside the village hall and available for community use, should the need arise, it will work in conjunction with the Wales Ambulance Service and is part funded by the British Heart Foundation.

The Community Council has continued to maintain and monitor the safety of the children’s playground and skate park, and new fencing should be coming shortly as well as a new commemorative gate at the village hall. We continue to try and combat the problem of dog fouling in the village.

The flashing speed sign was finally installed on the A482 approach to the village. So far, and with the added ocassional presence of the speed camera, the village is at least a little bit safer from speeding traffic.

We continue to chase up various road improvements which have been ‘ongoing’, such as the ‘rat run’ problem through to the A40.

Hopefully, in the next few weeks we will have a couple of new village signs so that visitors, particularly coming from the Llandovery direction don’t miss us completely and head on down the A40.

We’re also currently looking at the possibility of a grant for improvement and maintenance of the War Memorial.

The Community Council has donated funds to several local organisations including the Heart of Wales line and the Llanwrda Bloomers, and most recently to the primary school to help out with transport costs to the Eisteddfod.

Finally I’d like to thank Joy, our clerk for all her work, and for keeping the whole thing together, and my fellow community councillors for all their work and community spirit.

I’d also like to thank the members of the public who attend the meetings, for preparing the Hall, and for their local knowledge, contributions and suggestions during public question time.

Jacqui Thompson

May 2014


Everyone is welcome to attend the meetings of the council which take place in the village hall once a month on a Wednesday. There is an opportunity for members of the public to ask questions of the councillors at the end of the meeting.

If there is something that you would like to bring up at one of our monthly meetings please get in touch with one of  your councillors or post your message using the website Contact page and it will be forwarded on to the appropriate person.

In line with the Local Government (Democracy) Wales) Bill 2012 Community Councils are required to publish Agendas and Minutes electronically. They are published below. The Bill also requires that provision is made for members of the public to contact the Community Council or the Clerk electronically. Hopefully these details will be added in the next few weeks.

Your Representatives on Llanwrda Community Council May 2013 – May 2014;

Chair: Roger Jones; Tel; 01550 779134 Address; 31 Brodawel, Llanwrda, SA19 8AB

Vice Chair; Jon Shipton; Tel; 01558 650454 Address; Garreglefain, Porthrhyd, Llanwrda


Brian Saunders; Bishops Mill, Llanwrda

Jacqui Thompson; email/ Tel; 01558 650697 Address; Cae Brwyn, Hafod Bridge, Llanwrda, SA19 8BG

David Darrell; Tel; 01550777029 Address Ty Tabor, Llanwrda. SA19 8EP

Simon Goddard; Address; Hafod Bridge House, Lampeter Road, Llanwrda, SA19 8BG

Linda James; Ty Llwyd, Llanwrda, SA19 8AW

Andrew Davies; Tel; 01550779087 Address; Tydraw, Cwmdwr, Llanwrda, SA198AL

Clerk; Mrs Joy Waters ; email Tel; 01269 594157 Address; 56 Heol Rhydaman, Tycroes, Rhydaman

County Councillor T Theophilus; Email; Tel; 01550 720086 Address; Ty Cornel, Cilycwm, Llandovery, SA20 0ST

If anyone has a problem opening the files on this page please use the contact form and I will supply them in an alternative format. The Agenda will be posted here on receipt, usually 3-5 days before the meetings and the Minutes will appear after they have been approved at the following meeting, any corrections will appear on the following month’s minutes.

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The next meeting of Llanwrda Community Council will be held in the Village Hall at 8pm on Wednesday 21st January 2015.

Agenda for meeting 19th November 2014;

LCC agenda 19 Nov 2014

Agenda and minutes for meeting 15th October 2014

LCC agenda 15 Oct 2014  LCC mins 15th Oct 2014 p1 LCC mins 15 Oct 2014 p2 LCC mins 15 Oct 2014 p3

Agenda and minutes for meeting 17th September 2014 (typo on date);

LCC Agenda 17th Sept 2014  LCC mins 17 Sept 2014 p1 LCC mins 17 Sept 2014 p2 LCC mins 17 Sept 2014 p3

Agenda and minutes for meeting 20th August 2014;

LCC agenda 20 Aug 2014  LCC mins 20 Aug 2014 p1 LCC mins 20 Aug 2014 p2 LCC mins 20 Aug 2014 p3

Agenda for meeting 18th June 2014;

LCC agenda 18th June 2014

Accounts – Llanwrda Community Council 2013 to 2014;

LCC accounts 2013 to 2014 p1  LCC accounts 2013 to 2014 p2  LCC accounts 2013 to 2014 p3


Agenda for AGM 21st May 2014 and minutes for the previous year’s AGM in May 2013;

LCC AGM may 21 2014 agenda   LCC mins AGM May 2013 p1  LCC mins AGM May 2013 p2

Agenda and minutes for ordinary meeting 21st May 2014;

LCC agenda May 21 2014  LCC minutes 21 May 2014 p1  LCC minutes 21 May 2014 p2

Agenda and minutes for meeting 16th April 2014

LCC agenda 16 April 2014  LCC mins 16 April 2014 p1  LCC mins 16 April 2014 p2  LCC mins 16 April 2014 p3

Agenda and minutes for meeting 19th March 2014

LCC agenda 19th March 2014  LCC mins 19 march 2014 p1  LCC mins 19 march 2014 p2    LCC mins 19 march 2014 p3

Agenda and minutes for meeting 19th Feb 2014

LCC agenda 19 feb 2014  LCC mins 19 feb 2014 p1  LCC mins 19 feb 2014 p2 LCC mins 19 feb 2014 p3

Agenda and minutes for meeting 15th Jan 2014

LCC agenda 15 Jan 2014  LCC mins 15 jan 2014 p1  LCC mins 15 jan 2014 p2  LCC mins 15 jan 2-14 p3  LCC mins 15 jan 2014 p4

Agenda for meeting 20th November 2013

LCC agenda 20 november 2013

Agenda for meeting 16th October 2013

LCC agenda 16 Oct 2013

Agenda and minutes for meeting 18th September 2013

LCC agenda 18 Sept 2013  LCC mins 18 Sept 2013 p1  LCC mins 18 Sept 2013 p2  LCC mins 18 Sept 2013 p3  LCC mins 18 Sept 2013 p4

Agenda for meeting 21st August 2013

LCC agenda 14 Aug 2013  LCC mins 21 Aug 2013 p1  LCC mins 21 Aug 2013 p2  LCC mins 21 Aug 2013 p3

Agenda and minutes for meeting 19th June 2013

LCC agenda 19 June 2013  LCC mins 19 June 2013 p1  LCC mins 19 June 2013 p2  Image (22)

Agenda for AGM, 15th May 2013 (8pm) and the minutes from last year’s AGM 2012, also in May;

LCC AGM agenda 15 May 2013   LCC AGM minutes 2012 p1  LCC AGM minutes 2012 p2

Agenda and minutes for ordinary meeting 15th May 2013 (8pm);

LCC agenda 15 May 2013   LCC mins 15 May 2013 p1  LCC mins 15 May 2013 p2  LCC mins May 15 2013 p3

Agenda and minutes for meeting 17th April 2013

LCC agenda 17 April 2013  LCC minutes 17 April 2013 p1  LCC minutes 17 April 2013 p2  LCC minutes 17 April 2013 p 3  LCC minutes 17 April 2013 p4

Agenda for meeting 20th March 2013

LCC agenda 20 March 2013  LCC mins 20 March 2013 p1  LCC mins 20 March 2013 p2  LCC mins March 20 2013 p3  LCC mins March 20 2013 p4

Agenda and minutes for meeting 20th February 2013

LCC agenda 20 Feb 2013  LCC mins 20 Feb 2013 p1  LCC mins 20 Feb 2013 p2  LCC mins 20 Feb 2013 p3

Agenda and Minutes for meeting 16th January 2013

LCC agenda 16 Jan2013  LCC mins 16 Jan 2013 p1  LCC mins 16 Jan2013 p2  LCC mins 16 Jan 2013 p3